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A Quiet Time With God: Consider the Gospel

One way – and not a bad way – of thinking about the importance of having a regular “quiet time” is to make the analogy of early sea travel. Before the invention of global positioning satellites, ships’ crews relied on tools such as compasses and sextants for navigation. This equipment gave navigators the ability to not only keep track of the ship’s current location but also to maintain the appropriate heading to reach its destination. Without these measurements being taken often and precisely, a ship could easily veer off course, leaving the crew searching for direction.

Accordingly, to know where you are spiritually (or physically) right now in relation to where God desires you to be requires spending time with Him. More precisely, unless you are spending time of focused and uninterrupted prayer and Scriptural meditation, you will end up “off course.” However, there is a risk in thinking about our time spent with God in this way in that it may lead to a focus on self rather than God. Another way – and one that removes the risk of self-centeredness – is to consider the Gospel.

The Gospel is the good news revealed by the Almighty God through His Holy Word about what He has finished through Christ Jesus to save those who call on His name. The Gospel is Jesus Christ, the coequal, coeternal, Son of God dying for our sins and rising again to justify us while simultaneously defeating His enemies, so that “there is now no condemnation” for believers! It is nothing short of a divine rescue by sovereign mercy so that we may look and say “Glory, Glory, Glory!”

Thus, when we consider the Gospel, having a “quiet time” with God becomes an absolute privilege of the highest order. It becomes about enjoying our restored relationship with our Creator. It is certainly not a legalistic responsibility; it is a treasure to be enjoyed by someone who realizes that they do not deserve the treasure!

(Even as I write this I am completely convicted… O’ what pitiful crumbs we offer the God of our salvation as though He is worth anything less than the very best of our day!)

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