The Sweetness of Morning War

Every morning I wake up to all out war.

The calm, silent darkness does its best to shroud the conflict, but it is there. As my mind clumsily grips at the edges of reality, the first blows of combat rattles my attempt to focus. The alarm clock is buzzing that it is 4:30 AM. My hand slowly fumbles as I find the switch to turn it off. My wife breathes peacefully beside me, my children slumber heavily in their rooms, all the while, the battle intensifies. I am weak. The fog of a heavy sleep confounds what only a short time ago was familiar surroundings. But He is strong. Forces that have been lying prone have launched a full frontal assault on my body and mind. My will is feeble. Dear Lord, give me strength.

Satan wants nothing more than for me to fade back into the shadows of grey. He knows the stakes. His initial raid could have great effect on the battle for the day. I must make ready for what lies ahead today. O’ God, be strong for me now. My mind wavers, I can sleep maybe another hour or so… No, I will not succumb to the fleeting pleasure of more sleep. Triumph is Yours. My stiff legs reluctantly obey my order to swing over the edge of the bed as I consider the sheer mercy in God allowing me to wake up yet again. When I make it to my corner, I find my Bible waiting. My eyes are tired. Heavenly Father, help me focus on you… O’ the sweet nourishment of early morning communion with my Savior!

Satan has lost this skirmish, but he will try again. And by the sheer grace of God alone, he will lose again.

“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.” Proverbs 21:31


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