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The Call of the Magi

Surreal glow in western sky
Appeared as though to draw us nigh

What wonder does this starlight call
On such as we to leave our all 

And journey forth to unknown lands
‘Twas the star’s summoning hand

Should we tarry to find its source
No, ’tis but One with such force

To steer the heavens against their will
His power deserves our lowest kneel 

Thus we go, unknowing much
But having felt a majestic touch 

Expecting crowds of searchers here
Unknowing faces and silence near

Where is he, the King of Jews
God himself hath brought us news

Do you not know of this great deed
Sir, ma’am – do you not take heed

The Babe’s been born from virgin womb
Awaken from your sleeping doom

The star goes on and thus we do
But plead with all to follow too

We reach the Child and thus bow down
Our gifts we give for His renown

Gazing upon His divine face
Knowing then, ’twas sheer grace

The star He sent across the land
A call that created its demand


The Deceived

Their fleeting joys abound
Though lasting never found

Dust held in a clenched fist…

Shards of spurious gems
Decorating lives condemned

…Not knowing their play is but mist


Longing for an unknown gain
Ever steers their lives in vain

While Satan hides his blade…

“But do not fret your hell-bound plight”
A hiss whispers with delight

…”God’s glory is a rather good trade.”

The Cutting of Sodom’s Vine

Poisoned by the paternal past
Void of power to venom cast

Vacant urge to sway its course
Nor knew reason for remorse

Rancor brought to depths of woe
Deceitful heart was tempered so

Held no counsel with hearing ear
Wisdom kept from drawing near

Ever drinking tainted wine
Flowing forth from Sodom’s vine

Consumed within and dying sure
A hopeless soul without a cure

Guilty verdict and judgment due
Wrath awaited its final cue

But mercy mapped a different deal
With sovereign plan to bruise His heal

Penalty paid with costly crown
Given freely by God Sent Down

Futility from the cursed line
Was broken at perfected time

Transfused with blood clean and right
Darkened eyes gave way to sight

Nothing earned but by sheer grace
Was given view with unveiled face

Ever drinking a new found wine
Flowing forth from heaven’s Vine

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