Tattered Petals of Glory

Delicate arms of velvet green
Stretch to meet the golden beams
A carefree blossom with trusting face
Innocence displayed in tender case
Yawning forth, reaching higher
The sun’s gift does life require

Warming rays of carefree cheer
Unsuspecting of evil near
Songs of birds strangely cease
A fearsome roar shatters peace
Thunderous blades of spinning steel
Scared, confused, the PAIN is real

Tattered petals barely dangling
A single bloom left bravely hanging
Scarcely heard with tear-strained cry
Whispers of the question “Why?”
A young life torn, a young life battered
Concludes within “I must not matter”

Life goes on but left with scars
Thoughts of worth are never far
Stooped with burdens of lasting pain
Blooming face looks down with shame

Sudden dawning of new found light
Seeing eyes have new found sight

Creator’s voice from up above
“It is you I made, and you I love”

Face lifted unto majestic skies
Glory beheld with perfected eyes

“Evil had schemed but I thus undo,
Plans of good I have for you”

Realizing then that all along
The life-giving light was never gone
No more anger, no more hate
Her tears are joy at sovereign grace

Going forth, stronger, higher
The Son’s gift does life require.

(October 2012)


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